Jeremiah Freed - Companion - Vinyl Record


This beautiful limited-run of Jeremiah Freed's Companion, is a gate-fold vinyl record and was re-mastered for vinyl by Pete Morse at Red Vault Audio. This album includes all songs from the digitally released Companion Part I and Part II together as one record, as it was meant to be heard.  Included with this vinyl record, and unavailale anywhere else, is a download of "Devil's Only Friend" - live from the Jereremiah Freed concert at Portland House of Music and Events in Portland, Maine in 2017. The vinyl package also includes a digital download card for a remastered Companion album in its entirety.


Track Listing:


Side A

Hey Mama

Bad Feeling

Heartbreak Atlanta

I'm on Fire

Thank You


Side B

Meet Me At The Sun

No Time Wasted

The Wind

Race That Can't Be Won

Gimme Somethin'

Companion Vinyl Record